Our Story

Wine has always been a passion in our family and in 2003 we, Paul & Kirstie, took a years sabbatical from work and moved to the Lot Department in France, to work on a vineyard. Of course we fell in love with the work and the French way of life.

After returning to the UK we pooled resources with Laurie & Linda (Kirstie’s parents ) and started looking for a property. It would be a permanent home and wine business for Paul & Kirstie, a holiday home for Laurie & Linda and have plenty of space for family and friends to visit.

After 9 months of searching we found Chollet and moved in in August 2006.

The previous owners of Chollet had never made wine on the property, they farmed the vines and then sold the grapes, so as well as a lot of work in the house we also had a chai to renovate.

In the vineyard the vines had been farmed to produce maximum yields with little regard to quality. Since 2006 we have changed that dramatically, we farm organically and keep yields low to produce the best quality and ripeness of grapes possible.

We made our first wine in 2007 and are continuously striving and working toward making high quality and unique wine.