The Vineyard

The vineyard is planted with the traditional Bordeaux varieties of merlot, cabernet sauvignon and cabernet franc for the red wines, and semillon and sauvignon blanc for the white. We have 20 acres of vines in total.

We run the vineyard based on these simple principles;

  • We farm organically
  • We keep yields low
  • We harvest only when the grapes are absolutely ripe

We have chosen to farm organically not only for environmental reasons but also because it improves the quality of the grapes and therefore the flavours of the wine. Organic farming has several benefits that contribute to overall quality;

  • It improves the soil structure allowing better drainage which is essential to vine health;
  • It allows bacteria and fungi to thrive in the soil, facilitating the passing of flavour enhancing nutrients from soil to vine;
  • It improves disease resistance by encouraging natural predators;
  • It restricts yields to a naturally sustainable level, artificially large yields dilute flavour and overstretch the resources of the vine.