White Wine

We make 2 white wines, a dry white and a sweet white. Both are AOC Sainte Foy Bordeaux and use the tradtional grape varieties of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc.

The dry white is made from a blend of grapes from old vine semillon and grapes from young sauvignon blanc. Our dry white wines elegantly combine aromas and flavours of tropical fruit with refreshing citrus.

To make dry white wine we handpick the delicate sauvignon blanc to keep it in perfect condition. Once picked the grapes are pressed immediately and the juice goes into a stainless tank.

The semillon goes directly into the tank and the juice is kept with the skins for about 24 hours to give extra body and flavours. The juice is then run out and the skins pressed, then all the juice is added together for the fermentation.

After the fermentation is completed, usually about 10 days, the wine rests in the tank over the winter ready for bottling the following spring

We only make a sweet white when the weather conditions have been favourable. It is 100% semillon, harvested late, usally 4-6 weeks after a dry white harvest. The lateness allows for even riper grapes and as the grapes have started to shrivel less water so more condensed sugar & flavours. All the grapes are picked individually by hand choosing only the most desirable ones, those with ‘noble rot’. They are then pressed immediately and the juice fermented in stainless steel or barrel, depending on the style we want.

The fermentation is stopped (or stops naturally) at about 13 degrees of alcohol, leaving the residual sugar in the wine which gives it sweetness. If the conditions and selection process in the vineyard were good, we will have captured the aromas and taste of “noble rot” which gives a wonderful flavour to these wines. The wine is then aged in barrel for about 12 months, filtered and bottled, because of the extra sugar it can keep for a number of years.